QBR is a new concept Resort Lifestyle and smart space usage. Here you'll find some answers to the most common questions. If you have other questions contact us, and we'll gladly answer any inquires you may have.

1QBR seems weird. Why aren’t your golf-course lots huge?
We thought that the resort lifestyle needed have a different approach. That’s why we thought in a way of having the best of a resort with the practicality of a smaller house. With all the things to do in Nelson, we know that you will be enjoying the landscapes, fishing on Kootenay Lake, or simply enjoying a cold beer at the nearby breweries. So then you can head home and enjoy the view.
2I love it. Can I use it Year-Round?
Yes, our connection services and amenities will be available all year round. Owners of villas built on-site or CSA – A277 Manufactured Home can live year-round at Queens Bay Resort.
3What kind of homes are allowed at Queens Bay Resort?
Our vision is to create a community that allows several types of uses in a contemporary setting. RVs can be used seasonally and left permanently on your site. We can also accommodate manufactured homes that meet the CSA-A277 standard or you can build your own small cottage, as long as it meets our design standards. Anything you build will need to be approved by management and you will need a building permit from the Regional District of Central Kootenay.


1What’s “Cooperative Corporate Share Ownership”?
Simply put, like a strata (or condo) property, your purchase entitles you to exclusive use of your resort site and fractional ownership of the entire property. You and the other shareholders are governed by a shareholders agreement, and regulations created to ensure the safe, efficient, and economical running of the resort.
2Can I get a mortgage on my property?
No. Traditional mortgages require a “fee-simple” title in a form a bank can collateralize. Cooperative corporate share structures prevent those liens against property- so you’re assured that other owners’ financial problems won’t ever become yours. This method of ownership is ideal for recreational properties because they often appreciate the same way fee simple titles do in the Nelson Rural market - without the additional initial costs of strata. However, it may be possible to finance your RV or CSA-A277 manufactured home. You may want to check on financing possibilities when you buy your unit.


When asked how they want to use a vacation home. 81% of respondents to- research polling said that being able to use their vacation home to produce income if they wanted was “very important”.

1Can I rent out my Resort Site?
Yes. We will allow owners to rent out their sites for short-term rentals. However, owners should ensure that their renters agree to follow the Resort bylaws and advise management whenever a renter is expected to arrive at the Resort.
2Can I Bring/Build my own Vacation Home to QBR?
No. Our manufacturer partners are chosen based on several criteria, including their adherence to our strict design guidelines. These are intended to protect every shareholder’s equity and to ensure that the Resort delivers a predictable experience for owners and their guests. However, the selection of homes available should contain something perfect for almost any buyer, of any age. Contact us to learn more about our design specifications, and the variety of cool options available through their use.

Pets & Kids

1Are Pets Allowed?
Of course, they are! We love pets!
We have rules in place about controlling your pets and cleaning up after them. There are tons of adventures at your doorstep at QBR. If you want your pets to ride shotgun, go for it.
2Are Kids Allowed?
Totally. Of course, QBR is a family-friendly resort for all ages. There is so much to do in the Nelson area so bring the kids, have fun, and create long-lasting family memories.